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"What other people say about you when
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Why Half Dental

Cultivating financially successful, patient oriented practices
by assisting and empowering our franchisees

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From Application To Grand Opening

The Process

We make the franchise process as easy
and seamless as possible



How we are Different

At Half Dental, you can focus on what you do best. That doesn’t mean you need to relegate ownership! As a Half Dental franchisee you keep 100% of the ownership and clinical autonomy.


Providing excellent patient care is what you do; providing the expertise you need in order to grow your practice or start a new practice is what we do. You can enjoy your work while we watch metric trends. Make a patient smile while we monitor patient retention. Go home to see your family whenever you want because with Half Dental you’re still the boss, not an employee.


There’s a reason many of the most successful companies in the world use the franchise model… we’ve brought it to dentistry!


Our Strengths


Our franchisees are the best at what they do! When you combine exceptional practitioners with our sophisticated systems and adept consulting the result was an average annual revenue of $1MM+ in 2014.

Note: Franchisees are ultimately responsible for the performance their franchise location. Please rely on the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) for information on franchise revenue and earning potential.


After 10 years of dedicated effort we’ve developed strategic relationships and enjoy economies of scale which allow us to help you realize a 20%+ reduction in some standard operating costs. This applies to many aspects of your business from new equipment purchases, merchant processing fees, materials and supplies. You can use and buy what you want with the bonus of our buying power.

Note: These benefits will vary from franchise to franchise. See the FDD.


Half Dentals aggressive marketing strategy generally generates an average of 70+ new patients monthly. We have a marketing support team and a proprietary franchise management system helping us to produce consistent results for your practice.

Note: Results vary per location. We do not guarantee marketing results.  See the FDD.


At Half Dental we promote a consulting partnership style while fighting for your offices success, even though you own and control 100%.


A Prescription for Success


We consider Half Dental’s business model recession proof and believe it offers long-term success. We work hard and believe in treating our franchised partners like family. As a company built by professionals to support dentists, Half Dental understands your needs and offers the right amount of non-clinical support to help you practice on your terms; to lead on your terms.


Who can franchise


To make our vision a reality, we look to work with:


  • New graduates
  • Experienced dentists looking to finally do their own thing
  • Existing dental offices.


We seek dentists that are committed, flexible, positive and committed to advancing – all for the well-being of their patients.


Half Dental Franchise is interested in helping doctors open New Turn-key Practices or franchising Existing Offices. Our offices typically include:

  • 3 chairs or more
  • Dentists that are committed to improving operational efficiency and building a long-term relationship with Half Dental
  • Locations in attractive communities, suburbs and cities


What does it cost


There is an initial one-time franchise fee and a continuing weekly fee. The continuing weekly fee is related to the success of the practice. This is one reason our consultants and marketing managers are eager to help and assist in any way they can. Truly, in more ways than one, your success is our success. For more information please contact us.


Check out our featured franchise opportunities and take the first step in joining The Half Dental Revolution.

Featured Locations

Location Practice Type
Tucson, AZ General Dentist – DDS/DMD (General Dental Practice)
Peoria, AZ General – DDS/DMD (Existing practice; succesful track record; owner financing)
Albuquerque, NM General – DDS/DMD (General Dental Practice)
Bend, OR General – DDS/DMD (General Dental Practice)


Our franchise offices are branded with the Half Dental brand and if requested, the dentist themselves. We know the most important thing to our Franchisees is taking care of their communities and the people in them; Half Dental signage supports this ideal and allows us to fully leverage our proven marketing strategies in your favor!