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"What other people say about you when
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Why Half Dental

Cultivating financially successful, patient oriented practices
by assisting and empowering our franchisees

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From Application To Grand Opening

The Process

We make the franchise process as easy
and seamless as possible




Cultivate financially successful, patient oriented practices by assisting, informing and empowering franchisees while not displacing them as the arbiter of business and patient care.

“Missing the memo that dentistry is now a team sport is bad… worse is joining a team that takes your ownership”

-Chayse Myers, Founder & President



It’s our goal to support our franchisees and their teams as they provide patients and communities with the best value in dental care. Affordability is important to us at Half Dental, but we are not discount dentistry.


In reality we provide some of the most advanced and complete care available; especially in implant related treatments. Our goal is centered in providing patients the best value, not the cheapest price.


Half Dental strives to create a unified business model focused on quality, education and ongoing progression – built by high achievers who understand the value of hard work.


Supporting franchise dentists as they pursue opportunities to hone their abilities, offering them the right amount of structure to achieve success on their own terms, offering peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, focusing on the lifelong careers of franchise growth, valuing unity, fostering mentorships and professional partnerships with a personal touch.


All our team members our exceptional, your dedicated practice consultant will be no different.


Utilizing innovative tools we strive to support franchise dentists in providing quality and affordable dental services to as many as possible.


Working together as a company towards the same goals in order to experience continual growth and progression.

MARKETING (& more)

We provide marketing support, knowledge base, buying power, practice consulting, business systems, staff training programs, and manuals etc.


We allow the individual dentist to take advantage of group practice strengths without having to become an employee, relinquish ownership or cede clinical autonomy…the practice is yours!


Check out our featured franchise opportunities and take the first step in joining The Half Dental Revolution.

Featured Locations

Location Practice Type
Tucson, AZ General Dentist – DDS/DMD (General Dental Practice)
Peoria, AZ General – DDS/DMD (Existing practice; succesful track record; owner financing)
Albuquerque, NM General – DDS/DMD (General Dental Practice)
Bend, OR General – DDS/DMD (General Dental Practice)



Founder & President

     Mr. Myers directs the growth and strategic positioning of the Half Dental Franchise. His primary focus remains the unequivocal success of new HD Partners.


His support and management teams are unparalleled in talent and dedication allowing new Half Dental Franchisees to rest easy as they make the transition into the Half Dental Family.